Ive been walking through the Six Ridges district, looking for a place I could either rent or buy, to no avail. Even though Ciel was helping me with this endeavour, I could see nothing but bleakness for the near future. There were just no open residences as the existing ones were already full of travellers and foreigners, visiting the city for its harvest festival.

The Eight Path district that was located next to the Six Ridges district, where the Carter Manor stood, was out of the question. Its full of people with high stature. Meanwhile, the Dairy Lodge and the Char-Harbour were located beyond the river. The Great Docks, however, were located beneath the Six Ridges district, although it was a little dirty and unsafe, there should be quite a lot of inns or that sort of establishment. Unfortunately, it too was already full because of the influx of workers and sailors that came from the many ships that moored, again, because of the harvest festival.

Well, if push comes to shove, I might as well go back to the Manor for a day or two, before trying again. I could also camp somewhere north of the Six Ridges district, outside the city, inside the forest.

Ciels voice interrupted my thoughts,