It was a good day and the sun was shining, with some manner of clouds on the horizon. What was not good, however, was my situation right now. It was not exactly bad, yet, there was much to be desired.

For a quick recap, I am what others dubbed a performer, and while some regarded me as an artist, others designate me as a fraud. Id like to think of myself as using my diplomatic talents to get bread on my table. I worked hard for that. Training my voice, performance, and speech, all in the name to please my audience. Ive also dabbled in music training, to not let my audience be bored by mere storytelling or humour. When Im not on my stage, I helped selling groceries down the street for a chump change. Life was good back there. Sadly in my last performance, Heavens decided to pay me a visit. A zap of lightning, a clap of thunder, with roaring applause, and then I was gone… forever.

But here I was, still alive and kicking. As if everything I was, was a dream. I woke up, still fresh from my temporary sweet death, until everything started rushing in. I am who I am, Loyd Carter, the seventh son of the Duke of Rivellon. Child of a concubine who died after giving her utmost on the day of my birth, or so that I was told. I am also who I am, Laincelot, a humble bard by trade. With countless tales to my name and fame to prevail. Ive helped farmers trick land owners to receive their rightly-earned rewards from the greedy upper class,